Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality is understood by TECNOEXTR S.r.l. as the ability to competitively meet customer needs and, as these increase over time, Quality must consequently adapt by continuously improving. Since customer satisfaction is TECNOEXTR S.r.l.’s top priority, the Company intends to ensure the quality level of its products by offering an organization structured in such a way as to always ensure maximum Quality. TECNOEXTR S.r.l.’s Quality Management System is based on a risk-based thinking approach that allows the organization to determine factors that could lead to process deviations and to implement preventive controls to minimize negative effects and make the most of market opportunities by anticipating trends. TECNOEXTR S.r.l. considers:

– Quality and its Management System as a key element for the growth and improvement of the organization;

– Personnel as an essential element for the correct functioning of the organization.

The commitment to Quality is expressed in a process that, continuously updated and based on corporate culture, wants to always go beyond the expectations of our partners. Our partners are customers, collaborators, suppliers, and our community. The management of all processes occurs in the perspective of a Customer/Supplier relationship and conducted with the utmost transparency, collaboration, and respecting the needs of all business activities. By process, we mean the structured set of procedures, instructions, and actions that regulate our activity. In this perspective, the Company is seen as a network of processes, whose progress is monitored using appropriate indicators. In our culture, team work, respect, sense of responsibility, integrity, and the creative ability to anticipate change are valued. The personal commitment of each of us is expressed through enthusiasm, skills, experiences, and a sense of belonging.


Continuously develop a diverse, yet united group of collaborators, made up of qualified people enthusiastic about being part of a dynamic environment in a company that operates in a highly competitive and constantly evolving market. To meet customer needs, we commit to:

– Constantly striving for the improvement of business processes to reduce non-conformities;

– Increasingly reducing response times to needs. Build and maintain a long-lasting and mutually satisfactory partnership with an ever-increasing number of suppliers, maximizing their market potential, with a view to ever-increasing customer satisfaction. Maximize the value of the organization’s action by ensuring day by day, the profitable growth of the company. Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

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