EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) is a type of synthetic rubber that belongs to the family of elastomeric polymers.

Tecnoextr manufactures EPDM tubes, EPDM profiles, and molded EPDM parts.

Thanks to its remarkable properties, EPDM is used in many industrial sectors.

Here is an overview of its characteristics and applications:

– Weathering Resistance: EPDM is extremely resistant to the harmful effects of ozone, UV, and general atmospheric aging, making it ideal for outdoor applications.

– Thermal Resistance: This material can be used across a wide temperature range, generally between -50°C and +150°C, maintaining its elasticity and integrity.

– Chemical Resistance: EPDM has good resistance to many chemicals, including numerous diluted acids, bases, and detergents.

– Electrical Insulation: Possesses good electrical insulation properties.

– Water and Steam Resistance: EPDM is waterproof and resistant to the action of steam, making it suitable for heating and cooling systems.

The main application sectors for Tecnoextr’s EPDM products are:

– Automotive Industry: Used for door and window seals, tubes, and insulations.

– Construction: For waterproofing membranes, window and door seals, and roof coverings.

– HVAC Industry (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning): As insulating material and for expansion joints.

– Appliances: As seals and components requiring thermal and water resistance.

– Water Sector: For pipes and seals resistant to water and chlorine.

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