Inflatable Seals

Inflatable Seals

For years, we have been committed to the development and realization of inflatable seals, using modern techniques and cutting-edge elastomers. These seals are designed to expand to a specific point, following geometries, dimensions, and predetermined forces, to ensure resistance, strength, or a specific mechanical effect.

We provide solutions suitable for a wide variety of uses, ensuring the use of seals in a vast temperature range (from -100°C to +250/280°C), pressures, and in the presence of different fluids. Their versatility makes them suitable for all industrial sectors.

Some of the applications we have realized over the years include:

  • Containers for storage and transport
  • Sealing panels
  • Isothermal chambers
  • Sliding or quick-closing doors
  • Centrifugal filters
  • Aeronautical and dam hatches
  • Portholes
  • Pneumatic conveyors
  • Acoustic insulation (sound-absorbing panels)
  • High-speed train doors

The seals are manufactured with elastomers that offer high elasticity and stretching capacity. When housed in predefined seats, the expansion of the seals is limited, protecting them from the risk of bursting. Outside of a predefined seat, their operational pressure must be carefully evaluated and studied.

The valves used for the injection of the expansion medium (air, gas, water) can be designed with different shapes and features, depending on the specific needs of the customer.

Extrusion of tubes and profiles
Molding of technical articles