Joined Rings

Joined Rings

Our products, including rounds, tubes, and profiles, can be custom-cut thanks to our advanced automated cutting plant. This system allows for the creation of custom sections, with lengths varying from 2 millimeters up to the dimensions specified by our customers.

The cut sections can then be assembled through hot or cold joining, depending on application needs. This process allows for the creation of rings primarily intended for static use in a wide variety of sectors, including lighting, food, wiring, electrical, and oil & gas.

In particular, a round joined with hot glue in a static context exhibits characteristics similar to those of a molded O-Ring, highlighting the effectiveness and reliability of our joining technique.

The choice of joining method is crucial to the success of the application, and our technical experts are always available to provide advice and assistance in selecting the most appropriate process.

Extrusion of tubes and profiles
Molding of technical articles