Tubes for Boilers

Tubes for Boilers

Tecnoextr produces tubes for the heating and boiler sector. These silicone tubes are capable of maintaining their structural integrity and performance in a wide range of temperatures, typically from -50°C to +200°C, making them ideal for use in boilers where temperatures can be very high. 

The flexibility of silicone allows the tubes to adapt to changes in shape and size of the boiler components during the normal heating and cooling cycle, providing a reliable seal and reducing the risk of leaks. 

Silicone tubes are known for their durability, resisting not only high temperatures but also wear over time, meaning they can last many years before requiring replacement. 

Silicone is resistant to most chemicals, including the chemicals used in boilers, such as corrosion inhibitors and antifreeze, which can deteriorate other materials. 

Silicone tubes are generally easier to install than metal tubes because they are lighter and can be cut and adapted on site. Moreover, they do not require special tools for their installation.

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