The exceptional properties of silicone, in terms of heat resistance, versatility, and consistency, have made it an essential component in the lighting sector. Tecnoextr Srl has developed over time innovative compounds specifically for this area, demonstrating its adaptability and specialization. 

The manufacturing of rings from extruded silicone profiles is widely demanded in lighting for their versatility. Used as seals in lighting fixtures, these profiles demonstrate remarkable adaptability to the most intricate shapes, essential for the sophisticated look of modern lighting devices. 

Silicone profiles resist temperatures above 200°C and maintain their integrity even under the most demanding conditions, ensuring reduced maintenance and a long lifespan. Silicone seals also play a crucial role in insulation against dust and moisture, factors that could otherwise negatively affect the performance and safety of lighting systems. 

The resilience of silicone to UV exposure and its ability to withstand thermal fluctuations consolidate it as a strategic choice for improving efficiency and safety, in addition to extending the durability of lighting products, paving the way for continuous innovations and future developments.

Extrusion of tubes and profiles
Molding of technical articles