Scientifically known as polysiloxane, silicone is an inorganic polymer primarily composed of silicon, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. This composition endows silicone with its distinctive characteristics of flexibility, thermal resistance, and chemical resistance.

To further enhance the properties of silicone tubes, various types of additives and reinforcements can be added during the manufacturing process:

Reinforcing Fillers

To increase the mechanical strength of the tubes, reinforcing fillers such as fumed silica can be added. These additives improve tensile strength, tear resistance, and the overall hardness of the material.

UV and Heat Resistance Additives

Specific additives can be used to enhance the silicone’s resistance to UV and heat. These contribute to extending the product’s lifespan, especially in outdoor applications or under extreme conditions.

Stabilizers and Anti-Aging Additives

To increase resistance to aging and weathering, stabilizers and anti-aging additives are often incorporated, helping to preserve the tubes’ physical properties over time.

Extrusion of tubes and profiles
Molding of technical articles